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Exhibition "So Close So Far" 13.06 - 19.06 2019 EEP Berlin’s Gallery. Curator: Maya Hristova

Part 1 of the "So Close So Far" Project

"Part 1 of Tatiana Hahn’s (1988, Moscow) installation ‘So Close So Far’(2018) presents the viewer with a panorama of the famous Brooklyn Bridge. The original image as taken by the author, has been altered and digitally manipulated in multiple ways. The initial enlargement, has resulted in pixelation. This visual decompression has been further restructured until the resulting image surface has lost its potential to be associated with any particular method or source. Additionally, parts of the original image have been transformed through collage-like techniques, rendering it with impossible characteristics in terms of the objective reality of the historical landmark and its surroundings. The ‘real’ is not only deconstructed, but reconstructed without the image ever losing its image-like qualities. Looking from afar, it wouldn’t differ from any other panorama image of the emblematic New York landscape. It’s only once the viewer is confronted with it from a closer distance, that s/he is prompted to solve its mystery. It is through these cycles of alteration that Hahn attempts to reveal layers of the image making process, while focusing the attention back onto the viewer and their ability to consciously perceive and read what is shown." Maya Hristova