Äng | Photography

Part 2 of the "So Close So Far" Project

"In trying to reposition the human back into a situation which has become inherently artificial, in part 2 of her installation Hahn inverts the equation by pointing the attention back to the viewer and their objective albeit unconscious presence in the act of observation. From a passive observer the visitor of the exhibition space becomes simultaneously the subject and object of the image. While technology has altered our lives and commodified human action and social interactions, the role of the human as a creator has never ceased to be, it is our degree of consciousness about these processes that changes our role in them. The unconscious movement through space is not perceived. On the contrary, the conscious movement which is recorded and reproduced, automatically becomes an act of creation.

So far, image technology has made us more self-conscious, but one could argue, also less conscious to our environment due to the limited amount of our attention span compared to the ever thickening layers of material reality, further enhanced by the constant addition of technological, virtual and philosophical dimensions to it. When meanwhile distraction has become one of the fundamental elements of the modern condition." Maya Hristova